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Long4Lashes Eyelash Serum Experience and Test

Long4Lashes Eyelash Serum Test

Long4Lashes Eyelash Serum

The Long4Lashes multi-active lash serum with FX5 formula that makes lashes look longer, thicker, smoother and increases their exceptional vitality. We put the serum from Long2Lashes to the test.

The Long 4 Lashes Serum made it to number 8. This Eyelash Serum is a good choice.

  • The formula of the Long4Lashes serum is now patented
  • Easy application due to precise eyeliner-style applicator
  • One pack is enough: one bottle and for daily use is enough (complete treatment is for about 3-4 months).
  • Do you wear contact lenses? No problem! You can still use the Eyelash Serum.
  • Safe to use: tested under the supervision of a dermatologist and an ophthalmologist


Without hormones

Innovative formula

With hyaluronic acid

Patented formula


No known side effects


FAQ: Questions and answers

What is Long4Lashes used for?

The serum works at all stages of the lashes' life, effectively nourishing them, improving their condition and appearance and allowing you to enjoy enviable lashes. We have the Long4Lashes test.

Why is the Long4Lashes good?

The exceptionality of the serum is due to the valuable oils in the formula. Here is our test of the effect.

How long does the Long4Lashes bottle last?

For the complete recommended cure time - 4 months, with 1x daily application.

What is the consistency of Long4Lashes Eyelash Serum?

It is a semi-transparent gel - the consistency ensures safety during application - the product does not get into the eye.

Long4Lashes test

Formula. What does it contain?

The manufacturer promises that Long4Lashes Serum owes its effectiveness to one active ingredient - pure bimatoprost. Its cosmetic use causes a lot of controversy. Eyelash Serumswhich contain the tested bimatoprost derivative (with the same effects) are much better. Besides bimatoprost, Long4Lashes contains panthenol, hyaluronic acid and allantoin. This composition enhances the effect, but does not make Long4Lashes Serum a strong competitor for the best-rated products.

What effect does it deliver?

The product improves the general condition and appearance of the eyelashes. Long4Lashes Serum brings the first effects of nourishment after three weeks. It really strengthens the lashes and prevents them from falling out. Used systematically, it aims to lengthen, thicken, increase volume, add elasticity and shine. Reviews show that L4L is one of the most effective Eyelash Serums, but does not guarantee comprehensive effects. They are not as spectacular as one might expect.

Nevertheless, Long4Lashes Serum works, that's for sure.

Application. How to use?

The cosmetics come with a handy applicator - a thin brush that allows for a single application.

The serum is applied to the upper lash line. You must not apply Long4Lashes to the lower lash line or into the eyes. The manufacturer recommends using the product once a day, preferably before going to bed. It is important that the skin is clean and dry before application.

Long4Lashes Test

The multi-active Long4Lashes lash serum with FX5 formula that makes lashes look longer, thicker, smoother and increases their exceptional vitality. The innovative FX5 formula works throughout the entire lash life cycle to ensure unparalleled efficacy.

We have experienced the Long4Lashes Serum in our salon. The Penthasymin, which adds strength to the formula and contains active peptides supported by moisturising nutrients, visibly improves the appearance of the lashes and gives your look a great look. Pro Vitamin B5 penetrates the lash fibre for a soft and shiny look. The addition of sweet almond oil nourishes the lashes from the roots and makes them more flexible and resistant Against dandruff.

Long4Lashes experience

In our salon, we were able to experience Long4Lashes on our clients. Apply the serum with a brush stroke to the clean, dry skin of the eyelids along the upper lash line (after removing make-up). Use once a day at night. Not for daytime use. Do not apply in the eye or on the lower lash line. The product can be used by people who wear contact lenses (remove your contacts before use), after completion of chemotherapy, for lengthened and thickened eyelashes, for permanent make-up and for henna-tinted eyelashes.

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