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Hair Loss Treatment

The best hair loss treatments test for women and men 2023.


You can't always prevent your hair from falling out as you age, but there are treatments and remedies that can help.Before you buy any hair loss pills, you should know which ones show promise in preventing or treating hair loss.

Depending on the Causes of your hair lossthere are both herbal and medicinal substances such as Minoxidil for hair loss. We have tested the natural hair loss treatments in our salon on customers.

The 10 best remedies for hair loss

We are here to help. We've thoroughly tested the products and looked at the pros and cons, the evidence and success rates, the deals - all the important details. Read on to find out which hair loss treatment is best for you in 2023.

1. Laduti Hair Loss Treatment

Laduti remedy for hair loss

Làduti's natural hair loss remedy is our winner. It contains no chemical medicines and completely avoids hormones and minoxidil! 👍🏻 With 60 ingredients, one of our favourites when it comes to a high-quality product.

As one of the few manufacturers, you get a glimpse of before/after photos on the website.

The product was tested in Germany by Dermatest, under the supervision of a specialist doctor, for skin intolerance and passed with "very good". The application is very simple: massage 15-20 drops onto the scalp overnight. No side effects have been reported so far, as the composition is free of chemical additives and based on natural active ingredients.

2. Thiocyn Hair Loss Treatment

Thiocyn remedy for hair loss

The thiocyanate molecule in the hair loss remedy is found in all living organisms. In humans, it is responsible for many metabolic processes in the body. If those do not work excellently, additional thiocyanate can help. This also applies to our Thiocyn hair serum: The patented active ingredient formula with thiocyanate strengthens the hair roots and protects them from harmful influences on growth.

3. Regaine Hair Loss Treatment

Regaine hair loss remedy

Our 2nd place, however, far after our first - is Regaine. This contains the drug minoxidil. This stops hereditary hair loss by increasing the blood and nutrient supply to the hair follicles. Hair Follicle improved. The resting phase of the hair is shortened and the growth phase extended. This creates the conditions for stronger, thicker hair. Hair growth. Regaine not only stops hair loss, but also stimulates new hair growth. Visible results with the hair loss remedy are possible after only 12 weeks and are clinically proven.

4. Cherioll Hair Loss Treatment

Cherioll remedy for hair loss

This Hair Growth Serum Helps revitalise the hair. Promotes the development of healthy hair follicles, softens thinning hair, strengthens fibres for breakage and thickens existing strands to make hair fuller and stronger.

The cherioll can repair hair follicles and promotes blood circulation. The ingredients are defined to reduce hair loss. The hair loss remedy Increases hair density and makes it thicker and stronger.

The ginseng contained in hair loss treatments can promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Korean red ginseng is also believed to increase the number of dermal papilla cells in the scalp by preventing their natural cell death. Studies show that this also Stress reduced when taken and this can help prevent or slow down hair loss.

5. MySpring Hair Loss Treatment


The MySpring Biotin Capsules for hair loss for stronger hair. These tablets ensure healthy hair growth. Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, belongs to the water-soluble B vitamins and is often used as a nutrient for hair loss. In addition, biotin also plays a role in the functionality of the metabolism, the circulatory system and the psyche. The great thing about it is that it can Strengthen hair and prevent hair loss

6. Weleda Hair Loss Treatment

Weleda Remedy for Hair Loss

A hair loss remedy for thinning hair.

Weleda is a vitality tonic with rosemary oil and valuable extracts of wall pepper and horseradish leaves novels the nutrient supply of the hair roots, reduces hair loss, promotes natural hair growth and ensures a healing scalp. The fresh aroma of rosemary adds a certain note to the tonic. Rosemary has a stimulating and warm effect. Its aromatic scent has an encouraging effect and activates the senses like the warmth of the sun, which is absorbed and internalised by the rosemary plant.

  • Activates the hair root
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, colourings and preservatives as well as mineral oil-based raw materials.
  • Vegan

7. Priorin Hair Loss Treatment

Priorin remedy for hair loss

Priorin capsules are intended for the dietary treatment of hereditary hormonal disorders of hair growth and hair loss in women (androgenetic alopecia). You do not have to put up with thinning hair: Women can use Priorin capsules as part of diet management in the course of hormonal hereditary hair loss and hair growth disorders. This remedy is also available in the pharmacy.

Thanks to their triple natural hair loss remedy formula of millet extract, vitamin B5 and cystine, the capsules nourish the hair roots from within, guaranteeing better hair growth and ensuring fuller, stronger hair.

8. Plantur 39 Hair Loss Treatment


An undersupply of the hair can have direct negative effects. As a result, the hair can become brittle, rough and thin. The vital substances used in Hair Active Capsules - hair loss remedies, biotin and selenium. Needed by the hair roots and scalp. The zinc contained in them is an elementary trace element for the skin. A healthy scalp is the prerequisite for strong hair growth.

Tip: Take at least two to three months to allow the hair roots to regenerate.

Hair loss remedies like Plantur 39 Active Hair Capsules help thanks to ingredients like biotin and selenium, healthy hair to obtain. Zinc, which is also included, is an essential trace element. Two capsules per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, provide the hair with important substances. Compared to a shampoo, you simply have to take the capsules and save yourself the effort of washing out the hair.

9. Cosphera Hair Loss Treatment

Cosphera remedy for hair loss

Anyone who has ever been affected by thin, thinning hair or receding hairline knows what it is like to look for hair growth remedies or tablets to make lost hair grow back completely or faster.

A common cause of hair loss is a deficiency of certain nutrients such as biotin, zinc or iron. Numerous factors such as stress, hormonal changes, environmental pollution or a diet low in essential substances ensure an insufficient supply of important nutrients for hair growth.

With the intelligent vital substance complex of the Cosphera hair vitamins, specially adapted to the hair, you give your hair an extra portion of energy from the inside!

10. Alpecin Hair Loss Treatment

Alpecin hair loss remedy

Active substance caffeine - Alpecin. A Hair loss treatment Shampoo, thanks to a special pharmaceutical carrier base (galenics), the caffeine reaches the hair follicle in just 120 seconds during washing. There it shields the hair roots for the attack of testosterone and unfolds its positive effect: the caffeine promotes the activity of the hair roots and thus stimulates hair growth.

Alpecin caffeine hair loss remedy keeps hair production high. Hereditary and age-related hair loss has been shown to slow down. In the course of life, the number of hairs on the head decreases. Caffeine can change this natural progression and make hair last longer.

Hair loss treatment Conclusion

Means Against Hair Loss Test

In our hair loss treatments test, we came to the conclusion that tackling the causes of your hair loss is the key to treating your problem. This means avoiding strong hair styling products and using moisturising products.

You can also get an idea about these remedies from Stiftung Warentest. When it comes specifically to hair loss treatments, it is best to temper your expectations. Minoxidil, Nutrafol and Viviscal have significant studies that prove their effectiveness. Therefore, you should have low expectations when choosing such products. However, we recommend natural or herbal ones first, as well as our 1st place above.

Questions and answers:

Which hair loss treatments help?

We have tested both natural and minoxidil formulas. There are many hair loss treatments that promise to stop hair loss, but few that prove successful. We show you which ones have helped us treat our clients in the salon in our test experience here.

Are there home remedies for hair loss?

Fighting hair loss with home remedies will probably be rather difficult, as it is very time-consuming to prepare a serum yourself at home with many active ingredients that are precisely coordinated with each other. We have compared the best natural hair loss treatments.

Do hair loss treatments really work?

It depends on the Hair loss cause off. Unfortunately, if a hair follicle is closed and has not produced any hair, new hair growth cannot be stimulated. However, if the follicle is still alive, hair loss treatments can have a very good effect. We have done the test.

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