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Eyelash Lift Set

Do it yourself! Here you can find the best eyelash lift set 2023 in the test. We have the test winners in our salon for perfect eyelash curling!

Eyelash lift

Eyelash lift test

With eyelash lifts becoming more and more popular, we've been asked: what's the best eyelash lift kit? If you have false eyelashes or Magnetic eyelashes you could certainly notice the damage you've done to your natural lashes. Luckily, there's now an easier way to get flirty eyes without using false lashes on your lids: An eyelash curler.

Your eyes are the mirror of your soul. Unfortunately, eye styling is quite time-consuming and you don't always have the time or inclination to take sufficient care of it. In addition, many women want to look perfectly styled right after getting up, to look awake and fresh, without having to go to the bathroom first. Mascara and Eyelash curler to have to reach for the eyelashes. Eyelash lifting is the perfect alternative in these cases.

With the "eyelash wave" for your eyelashes, a silicone pad is first glued to the upper eyelid, which brings your eyelashes into shape. Then, with the help of a so-called "perming" agent, similar to hair dye, the structure of your eyelashes is first chemically dissolved and then fixed in the new shape with a "fixing" agent.

At the end of the eyelash lift test, you will find out exactly how it works.

Important: You should always be very careful with chemicals around the eyes. Therefore, it is best to ask a friend to help you with the eyelash lift and always keep your eyes closed during the procedure!

Which eyelash lift set will give you the best results? We'll tell you in our test.

5 Best Eyelash Lift Set

1. Eyelash wave Eyelash Lift Set

Eyelash wave eyelash lift

When it comes to seductive eyelashes, the eyelash curler is the clear winner in the eyelash lift sector! With its high quality, it has conquered the hearts of professional studios - and for good reason! After all, products that are used on the eye and contain adhesives and chemicals require the highest quality standards. But the Mini Kit is also available for private use at a fair price of about 20 euros and is an absolute must-have! The lifting effect lasts for several weeks and provides a seductive look that is simply stunning.

The application is uncomplicated and can be customised with a little practice. Compared to other manufacturers, the eyelash curler has a classy design and comes with fewer individual parts, which makes the lifting experience even easier and more pleasant. Included are glue, gel 1 and gel 2, 8 small and 8 medium lash rollers and a brush for application. However, care should be taken when pulling off the lash rollers so as not to damage the natural lashes. All in all, the eyelash curler is the clear test winner in the eyelash lift set test and gives the eyelashes a dreamy curl that draws the eye!

  • Clear test winner in the eyelash lifting sector, preferred by professionals.
  • Mini Kit for home users: affordable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to use, customisable.
  • Elegant design with fewer individual parts for an easier lifting experience.

2. Aysal Eyelash Lift Set

Eyelash lift

The Ayasal eyelash lift has made it to second place in our test page. It is great for those who want perfectly curved lashes for an entire month. With its exceptional quality formula, it offers a safe and superior quality that is suitable for both personal and professional use. The semi-permanent wave helps your eyes look bigger and more beautiful without make-up by lifting your lashes to create the perfect curl. With minimal effort, you can create elegant and flawless curls, benefiting from low maintenance.

  • Natural curve, without make-up: eyelash lift with semi-permanent wave for up to one month.
  • High-quality ingredients for long-lasting effect.
  • Easy application with minimal maintenance for curved lashes.

3. SC Eyelash Lift Set

SC Eyelash Lift Set

On the set of Stars Colors, we were particularly interested in the shortened application time. In contrast to others, which require 12 or 15 minutes of application time, the manufacturer only specifies 5 minutes here. Otherwise, the application is similar to the Beauty Sense set. The position of the pads can be corrected as long as the adhesive is not yet dry, and the scope of delivery is even slightly larger. Thus, the Eyelash Lift Kit The Stars Colors kit comes with 5 sizes of silicone pads, ten eyelash brushes and a few other useful small parts. The results are convincing, although you should make sure to observe the specified application time. If you leave it on too long, problems can arise and damage your eyelashes. So stick to the prescribed 5 minutes and be happy that the product works so quickly. With all these features, why is it only good enough for 3rd place in the end? Some customers report problems with the glue. For some users it doesn't stick, for others it comes off. Fortunately, the glue only costs about 2-3 euros. 

  • 5 different silicone pad sizes
  • Large set of accessories
  • Very good results possible - if the adhesive holds

4. Iconsign Eyelash Lift Set

Iconsign Eyelash Lift Kit

If you search for eyelash lift on the internet, you will come across the Iconsign kit again and again, and the product is also usually in the top ranks in various tests. And indeed, the Iconsign eyelash lift kit gives very good results. Why does it only come in 4th place? For one thing, Iconsign's reliability does not fully convince us. The translations on the Amazon page leave a lot to be desired; for a German customer, it doesn't really look high-quality. In addition, some customers report that the product no longer worked after the second application after several weeks. The test winner from Wimpernwelle actively addresses this problem and states a shelf life at least for the opened adhesive. The problem therefore does not only affect Iconsign, but is not sufficiently communicated here - rather, the manufacturer writes that the kit could be used 10-13 times. In addition, customers occasionally report swelling, which can also occur with any other eyelash lifting product if used incorrectly. The very good results that can be achieved and the very large scope of delivery are positive. As usual, there are perming and fixing agents, cleaners, glue, silicone pads in 5 sizes, but also 10 lash combs, 3 Y-brushes and 5 lash cleaning sticks. All in all, that's enough for 4th place.

  • Very large assortment
  • Convincing results
  • Poor translation into German

5. XXL Lashes Eyelash Lift Set

XXL Lashes Eyelash Lift Set

For once, let's start with the negative aspect of this kit: the price. At around 35 euros, the set from XXL Lashes is more expensive than most eyelash lift kits from other manufacturers - apart from Beauty Sense in second place. In addition, the description of the product also bothers us this time. The text is, well, reasonably well written, but instead of the product itself, it is largely about "more sales, more profit, enthusiastic customers". Strange. But that's it for the complaints, because apart from that, the set can convince us. The scope of delivery is extensive, but still easy to handle. There are five different sizes of silicone pads, the usual adhesives, perming and fixing agents, plus concealer packs and brushes. The application time is given as 4-5 minutes, a very good value. And indeed: the product works well, the application time is quite realistic, which significantly reduces the overall treatment time. For professional studios, this is a plus point - and there, the significantly higher price does not hurt too much. 

  • Very short exposure time
  • Comprehensive, not overloaded set
  • High price

What is eyelash lift?

Eyelash lift set

Eyelash lifting is also often described as eyelash curling. With a lift, the eyelashes are permanently curved upwards (usually for several weeks). This looks fresher and more awake, looks much more attractive on the outside and you usually even save on mascara.

It is offered professionally in beauty salons, the cost is around 40 to 80 euros, but there are also eyelash lift kits available for purchase that can be used at home. To conjure up the perfect eyelash wave, a silicone pad is placed on the eyelid and the eyelashes are applied to it. Then first a product is applied that dissolves the structure of the eyelashes - and thus their original shape - and then a second product is applied to fix the eyelashes in the new shape.

You will find more information about this in the following paragraph. As this procedure involves the use of chemicals, it is important to keep the eye closed during the procedure. It is therefore best to have a second person help you with the application at home. The results are convincing and make eyelash lifting a very interesting alternative for all those who want to look fresh in the morning after waking up or who would like to leave their eyelash curlers in the cupboard. There are also great Eyelash Serumto help the eyelashes grow.

How does the eyelash lift work?

Eyelash lift

Before the eyelash lift kit can get started, the eye area is first cleansed of grease and debris to ensure that everything holds as desired. The next step is to comb the lashes. Then the silicone pad is applied to your upper eyelid. Manufacturers offer different sizes depending on how strong you want the effect to be. Then the lashes are fixed to the silicone pad in the desired position with an adhesive. Now the first agent is used, the so-called perming. Similar to dyeing your hair, it dissolves the sulphur bridge of your eyelashes and thus their structure. This is important so that you can permanently fix the lashes in the current, desired position in the second step.

The exposure time of the perming agent varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Make sure that the product does not get into your eyes! If it does, carefully rinse the eye with water. At the end of the application time, apply the second product to fix the eyelashes. Again, leave this on for 5 to 20 minutes. If you wish, you can now tint your lashes, then carefully(!) remove the silicone pad. It is easy for some lashes to get caught and tear, so be really gentle. Once you have removed the pad, you are done - and can immediately admire the lash wave in the mirror.    

Common problems with the eyelash lift set application

Eyelash lift-before-and-after

In this photo we have a great eyelash lift before and after, but you should pay attention to a few details before application, namely.

Eyelash lifting is a procedure where you should be very careful to do everything right for several reasons. Firstly, you are handling chemicals on your eye, and secondly, eyelashes are very fine hairs that tear out easily. Problems can occur especially with these points: 

  • Glue: Many clients complain that the glue does not hold properly. People often forget to degrease before the treatment, sometimes it also helps to treat the lashes with a primer beforehand to degrease them completely. In addition, the lashes must be absolutely dry. Sometimes, however, the glue is simply of poor quality. We went into more detail on this point in our test if necessary. Attention: Too much glue leads to the fact that the agents are not properly absorbed by the lashes, which in the end does not produce the desired effect.
  • Pads: The silicone pads should extend over your entire eyelid. This is the only way to ensure that the outer lashes are also curved. Also pay attention to the curvature of the pad. Small versions (S) promise a strong curl, but usually have no effect on longer lashes. The curvature of the pad should be as long as your lashes.
  • Perming and fixing agents: Pay close attention to the application times indicated for the agents. Thicker lashes usually need a little longer than thinner ones. Nevertheless, you should not change the times by feel. Extending the application time in particular can damage your lashes, making them look burnt at the outer edge. Be careful!

FAQ: Questions and answers

How can I avoid physical reactions to the chemicals?

By testing the product at least 24 hours beforehand. Follow the manufacturer's instructions! It is usually recommended to apply a small drop of the product to one eyelid and observe whether there are any reactions. If any of the product gets into your eye during the treatment, you should rinse it out carefully immediately.

Glue from eyelash lift kit, doesn't hold. What can I do?

Make sure to properly degrease your lashes before the treatment. An eyelash cleanser or primer can help.

How long does an eyelash lift last?

This varies and depends on the product used, but also on your lashes. As a rule, however, your lashes should stay in perfect shape for several weeks.

How often can I use an eyelash lift kit?

Most sets are designed for about 10-15 treatments. However, the glues often dry out after a few weeks after opening, so it's best to get a supply (one glue costs about 2-5 euros).

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