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Best Electric Nail File Test 2022

Which electric nail file is the best? Here are the best electric nail files for beginners and also professional applications in the test.

Electric nail file test

If you have a Electric nail file want to buy, you will find a variety of designs, functions and power levels. It is tedious when you are trying to find the right one. At the end of the article, you will find a cheat sheet of the best electric nail files in the test to choose for you. Regardless of whether you need them for salon or home use.

While normal nail files are sufficient for simple touch-ups, an electric nail file or a Nail cutter a great tool for you. With it you can easily smooth and shape your nails, polish calluses and clean cuticles (although this is not advisable). It is the key to a perfect manicure or acrylic manicure. Although an electric nail file should be handled by a professional or manicure expert, if you think you can handle this tool well, check out the best nail cutters to up your manicure game.

 There are many videos on YouTube where the electric tray has gone wrong, if you don't believe us.

When choosing one, look for products that include a variety of Electric Nail File and can work at different speeds - you want options. 

Don't forget to clean it after use like any nail tool and, as always, follow the instructions carefully.

In front of you are the best electric nail files to improve your nail routine.

Best Electric Nail File Top 5

1. Delanie Electric nail file

This electric nail file comes in first place in our test and stands out above all for its very good price-performance ratio. This nail file is multifunctional with six attachments. For shortening, filing, shaping and polishing nails and for removing cuticles, also suitable for gel nails, acrylic nails or toenails. Instead of stepless speed, there are 35 steps from 0-35,000/min. Also worth mentioning is the pleasantly quiet and low-vibration operation. The electric nail file is rechargeable: Charges for approximately 2 hours and can be used for up to 10 hours without a cord. Strong battery and large battery capacity of 2000mA light as a mobile phone. Our test winner.

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Large display

2. Beurer Electric nail file

Well-groomed nails and beautiful hands and feet are no longer a problem with the electric nail file from Beurer, even at home. With 10 high-quality sapphire and felt attachments, as well as 10 sandpaper attachments, you can work on your nails precisely and free your hands and feet from rough spots, calluses or corns.

Take your nail care into your own hands

  • LED light
  • Left/right rotation
  • Infinitely variable speed (2000 - 5400 rpm)
  • Protective cap for nail dust
  • Practical storage case

3. MelodySusie Electric nail file

The electric nail file from Delanie is priced at just under 70 euros, the same as the model from our test winner. Professional battery models often cost considerably more. In addition to the ergonomic shape that is easy on the hand, we also like the high-quality bearings that allow speeds of up to 30,000 rpm, and there are side slots at the back of the file for heat dissipation. Practical, because here the slots are hardly covered by the hand. The battery unit has a display that shows the battery status. It can be infinitely adjusted from 0-30,000 revolutions per minute and thus perfectly adapted to your needs. At the same time, the electric nail file runs pleasantly quietly and with low vibration - the high-quality bearings absolutely pay off here! Are you left-handed? No problem! The direction of rotation of the MelodySusie nail file can be reversed so that both right-handed and left-handed people can get along well with it. Also very important, and solved in an exemplary way by MeoldySusie, is the changing device for the bits. The quick release can be operated intuitively and simply and enables a quick and easy change of the attachments. The bottom line is that with this nail cutter you get a professional electric nail file for fair money. 

  • Very good ergonomics
  • Quiet and low-vibration operation
  • Steplessly adjustable up to 30,000/min

4. belle electric nail file

If you look at the price tag of the Belle electric nail file, you will first wince for a moment. Almost 160 euros is a lot of money. But as so often in life, it is worth spending a little more for durable products. Japanese precision bearings allow speeds from 2,000/min to 35,000/min, and the nail cutter runs exemplarily smoothly and quietly even at top speed. The manufacturer specifies a minimum running time of 10,000 hours for the motor - that should be enough for many years of nail styling. The high quality of the Belle file is also evident in other details. With 2,600 mAh, the battery unit is more powerful than the one in our first place and lasts for 8-10 hours of continuous use, the housing shines with its elegant wine glass design and high-quality display - including a percentage battery display. As with the other candidates, the file comes with all the necessary attachments - so you can get started right away at home.

  • High quality bearings, durable motor
  • Stylish battery unit with high capacity

5. ElectriBrite Electric Nail File

This electric nail cutter is different from other nail files because of the latest motor and USB connection. The stepless motor makes the nail file in our test more stable and quieter at high speeds.

With the USB connection and mini case, you can easily create your nail art anytime and from anywhere.

  • High Speed, 0-20000 adjustable speed, you can choose any speed you want.
  • With 6 different interchangeable nail tips for buffering, grinding, sharpening, polishing acrylic and gel nails, removing extension gels, trimming thick natural toenails and removing cuticles and dead skin.
  • This electric nail file is equipped with a high-quality, shock-absorbing bearing and a precision motor with 20000 rpm, which allows it to work extremely quietly and smoothly without vibrations.

What is an electric nail file?

Electric nail file test

Spa manicures are a fun way to get pampered and they deliver great results. They are a great way to sit back and relax - if you have the money for regular manicures. Unfortunately, many people who want to keep their nails in tip-top shape can't swing that price tag every time, leaving them with chipped polish or cracked acrylic. Fortunately, with a professional electric nail file still achieve the fresh salon look at home.

A nail cutter is a professional hand tool that creates perfect manicures. It uses a series of interchangeable rotating bits to smooth, polish and shape your nails. You can use it like an emery board on the tips of your nails, run it over your nail to create a smooth surface, or use it to cut or remove your cuticles. Electric nail files can also remove tough gel polishes and help you remove acrylics. 

Nail cutters are not the cheapest beauty accessory, but most models pay for themselves after two or three uses. The best electric nail cutters in the test, are easy to use and come with a variety of bits. Better bits operate at a variety of adjustable revolutions per minute (rpm) and have a higher speed.  

We have searched the internet for the best electric nail files so you don't have to dig for yourself. In our tips and advice section you will find lots of information on how to choose your perfect nail drill.

Electric Nail File Tips!

  • The best electric nail files have a simple yet effective design. If you don't get a good grip on your nail burr or have trouble switching between settings, your manicure could end in disaster. The portable electric nail drill MelodySusie Compact is designed for use with the right or left hand.
  • More settings allow you to do more with your nail cutter. Some electric nail cutters also come with bits that can be used to remove calluses. These nail files are a more versatile and valuable beauty accessory. There are models with 10 attachments and abrasive belts, including a pointed sapphire grinder that can be used to remove ingrown nails.
  • Consider how many rpm you want before you buy an electric nail file. If you have to work a lot on calluses, you should use a nail file with a higher speed to grind off dead skin. 

What should I look for in an electric nail file?

The differences between the various electric nail files on the market are immense! From the 20-euro model to the 150-euro professional version, everything is available. So what should you look out for when buying? Point one concerns the power supply. Do you need or want a battery-operated electric nail file or can it also be a model with a power supply? Battery-operated models are of course more practical, but you run the risk that your nail file suddenly has to go into the charging station in the middle of use.

In addition, models with a power connection deliver reliably constant power even under high loads, which is why they are particularly popular in professional nail studios. Another aspect is the speed: simpler electric nail files only achieve 3,500 revolutions per minute, professional versions manage ten times that. A higher number is particularly advantageous for gel nails and for polishing, and it is worthwhile to spend a little more here. As a private user, you are usually best off with an affordable, high-quality model - in our case, our number 1, the MelodySusie nail file with battery operation.   

What bits are available for electric nail files?

The versatility of an electric nail file is mainly due to the variety of bits available. But which variants are there? First of all, it depends on the material. There are bits made of titanium, carbide, ceramic, diamond, sapphire and stone. Titanium and carbide bits are designed for extreme use and are particularly suitable for artificial nails.

For example, you can use them to smooth the transition to the natural nail. Ceramic bits are also suitable for the feet and for particularly hard or thickened nails. Diamond bits are somewhat softer and particularly gentle on the skin and nail. They are therefore also suitable for natural nails. Sapphire bits are even softer and are also ideal for natural nails. Stone and sandpaper bits, on the other hand, are particularly inexpensive, but wear out quickly and are then simply replaced. 

In addition to these abrasive bits, there are special polishing bits for the finish. These are made of silicone, felt or fabric and are ideal for matting and for the final high-gloss polish. 

FAQ - Questions and answers

What speed does an electric nail file reach?

This depends on the model and the requirement. Simpler versions achieve only about 3,500 revolutions per minute, while electric nail files for professional use achieve up to 35,000/min.

What is the advantage of an electric nail file?

Compared to the normal nail file, the electric version can be used much more flexibly thanks to the many bits available. In addition, a nail cutter saves a lot of time - and it is much more fun to work with.

Can I also work on my natural nails with an electric nail file?

With the right bits, yes. Soft sapphire and diamond bits are suitable for natural nails.

Is treatment with an electric nail file painful?

Not if you use the right bits. Make sure you only work on natural nails with soft bits. Then you won't feel anything except a slight vibration in the nail.

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