Eyebrow Serum Top 10

Which eyebrow serums emerge as the top products in our 2024 test? Here you can find our top 10 in comparison!

Eyebrow Serum

Eyebrow Serum
Test 2024

Eyebrows are extremely important for the overall appearance of our face because they frame it. They give character and expression to our facial features. The care of our eyebrows should therefore not be neglected. They should be bushy, full and natural at best.

Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally blessed with symmetrical, thick eyebrows like those of supermodel Cara Delevingne. Or maybe you've used tweezers too often in recent years, and now you're paying for it with bald patches because the hair roots have been damaged and the brows won't grow back at all in some places. Don't panic! With the right eyebrow serum, you can help your eyebrows grow back: Make the eyebrows more shapely and the hair stronger and healthier, as well as the Hair growth stimulate.

We've tested through the most popular products on the market and here are the 10 most effective eyebrow serums 2023 to make your dream of the perfect wow-brows finally come true!

The 10 Best Eyebrow Serums

New 19 Jul, 2024

1st place: Lazru - Eyebrow Serum

Eyebrow Serum

Have you been dissatisfied with the shape and texture of your eyebrows for a while? Then our top recommendation is the highly effective eyebrow serum from Lazru! With this serum, your eyebrow growth is sure to get back on track. And all without hormones and harmful ingredients. It is the only Eyelash Serum on the market that perfectly balances over 50 ingredients in a natural way.

It helps to optimally support the sensitive hair roots in the eye area in their growth process. Lazru not only ensures faster eyebrow growth, but also pushes the natural growth of your eyelashes. This is made possible by precious oils of real lavender, juniper, ginger and the Japanese cord tree. These ingredients are mixed with other laboratory-activated substances. A real super booster for the hair around your eyes! Shake the Lazru bottle well before first use.

The product should then be used once or twice a day. To do this, simply work a small amount evenly into the eyebrows and lash roots towards the tips. Store the serum at room temperature out of the reach of children!  

Results through application:

  • Without hormones
  • Liposomal formulation
1097 ratings
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2nd place: BIONOBLE Organic Castor Oil

Eyebrow Serum

The soothing texture of the naturally thick castor oil is highly effective in strengthening all facial hair such as eyebrows, eyelashes and beard deep into the tips. The serum is thus versatile - also as a mask for faster hair growth and Hair care. But it can also be used for itchy scalp, brittle nails, stretch marks and skin irritation after shaving. A real all-rounder!

The castor oil is extracted in India by cold pressing. However, the bottling takes place in France. The BIONOBLE product is 100% natural, free of hexane and without added preservatives. The product is completely vegan and animal-free. It comes in an environmentally friendly glass bottle and allows for uncomplicated application with a practical pipette, pump and Mascara Kit. 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegan and without animal testing
  • Versatile

Compared to Lazru, however, this serum worked much later. For a faster effect and an application with stronger active ingredients, we therefore recommend the competitor product in our 1st place Lazru.

3rd place: RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster


This product promises thicker, wider and gapless eyebrows and up to 56% longer lashes. With daily use, the first effects are already visible after 6 weeks. After 10 weeks, 93% of the testers confirm a very clear growth. The RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster achieves all this through a purely natural composition of active ingredients. An innovative applicator helps with the application. The eyebrow serum has been ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. 

  • Natural composition of active ingredients
  • Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested
  • 93% confirm significant growth

4th place: ORPHICA Brow Conditioner


The popular Brow Conditioner by ORPHICA promises naturally beautiful and thick eyebrows, nourishing the hair and improving its overall condition through natural plant extracts. This product is an innovative eyebrow serum that penetrates very deeply into the structure of the hair root, making the eyebrows thicker, darker and stronger.

The Brow Conditioner has been dermatologically tested and is free of side effects. The first effects can be seen as early as four weeks after the first application. However, we recommend using the serum for 8 to 12 weeks to achieve optimal results. Simply integrate it into your daily facial care routine. 

  • Dermatologically tested
  • No side effects

5th place: BROWCOCAINE Professional Eyebrow Serum


The hip eyebrow serum BROWCOCAINE by beauty trendscout Svenja Walberg was lovingly made in Germany and promises full and thick eyebrows. Bald spots are corrected without the need for correction pencils or colour. Even templates for the ideal brow shape are included. The special raw materials contained in the product have been extensively tested and their effectiveness has been proven with triple action. A 24-hour care complex is also included in the serum. The product does not contain parabens, mineral oils or perfume. It was produced vegan and without animal testing. 

  • Without parabens, mineral oils or perfume
  • Vegan and without animal testing
  • Made in Germany

6th place: Plastimea - Eyebrow Serum MEABROW

eyebrow serum

The eyebrow serum MEABROW from the Parisian brand Plastimea activates with hyaluron and Biotin hair growth and thus ensures fuller and thicker brows. The product is 100% vegan and hormone-free. It is also guaranteed paraben and fragrance free. The eyebrow gel naturally conjures expressive and well-groomed eyebrows with regular, daily use.

The eyebrow serum has been dermatologically tested and is well tolerated even by very sensitive skin. It gives the brows volume and shape, as it stimulates the growth of the Hair Follicle stimulates. Simply apply the serum to a dry, cleansed brow with the ergonomic brush head. The product is quickly absorbed and accelerates the growth of the eyebrows, preferably overnight. 

  • Without hormones
  • 100% vegan
  • With hyaluron and biotin

7th place: NANOBROW Eyebrow Serum 


This powerful product gives you strong and smooth eyebrows without the need for expensive salon treatments. Simply apply NANOBROW Eyebrow Serum to your eyebrow hairs before bed and leave it on: The serum strengthens the brow hairs overnight, makes them grow faster, thickens them and intensifies the colour to boot. The brows become fuller with each day of treatment. And all this in a completely natural way: NANOBROW consists of valuable plant extracts (wheat germ, soy germ and ginseng) and powerful peptides, arginine and panthenol. The product is quickly absorbed and well tolerated!

  • Hair grows faster and colour is intensified
  • The brows become fuller every day
  • Absorbs quickly

8th place: KÖ-HAIR Eyebrow Serum Booster


This highly effective eyebrow serum by KÖ-Hair increases the density and number of eyebrow hairs and also strengthens the natural colour. It is based on natural ingredients. The serum nourishes the hair roots. Extracted active ingredients stimulate the hair directly at the root and thus prolong the natural growth phase. After only 6 to 8 weeks of daily use, you can be amazed at the top results.

The application is very simple and hygienic, and the applicator makes it easy to apply sparingly. This eyebrow serum is recommended by the specialists at the KÖ-Hair Klinik.

  • Practical applicator
  • Natural ingredients
  • The growth phase is extended

9th place: RevitaLash RevitaBrow Eye Brow Conditioner


This product promises simple and optimal styling for the eyebrows. The care softens the brows so that they can easily be shaped to perfection, giving the face the ideal contour. In addition, the growth of the eyebrows is stimulated. After just a few weeks, they appear fuller and stronger. The eyebrow conditioner should be applied to dry, clean brows once a day, ideally in the evening after removing make-up. The hairs will then sprout overnight as if by magic. 

  • Nourishes and softens the brows
  • The product can be used to shape the eyebrows perfectly
  • Use only once a day

10th place: M2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum


The Eyebrow Renewing Serum by M2 Beauté is based on innovative and highly potent active ingredient complexes that are perfectly tailored to the brow area. The effective eyebrow serum with a non-greasy base thickens and strengthens the eyebrows. In combination with nourishing ingredients such as hyaluron and biotin, it stimulates both active and inactive hair roots thanks to Black Sea Rod Oil. Natural growth is thus demonstrably stimulated. 

  • With hyaluron and biotin
  • Non-greasy
  • Activates the active and inactive hair roots

How does an eyebrow serum work?

Eyebrow serums contain active ingredients that stimulate the growth of hairs on the eyebrows when used regularly. With long-term treatment, the fine hairs grow back thicker and faster. Active ingredients that are often used very effectively in eyebrow serums are, for example, Black Sea Rod Oil, a coral extract. Biotin, hyaluronic acid and castor oil also play a major role in the eyebrow sector. The good news: most eyebrow serums not only push the Hair Growth of the eyebrows, but also of the eyelashes. After all, the perfect eye look also includes long, thick eyelashes. 

How do you apply an eyebrow serum?

For quickly visible results, it is definitely recommended to apply the serum daily. Ideally, it should be applied before going to bed. Eyebrow serum can work most effectively overnight. It is important to remove make-up residue and dirt from the eyebrows beforehand. Most eyebrow serums come with an applicator that can be used to easily apply the product to the eyebrows. Alternatively, you can also apply the serum to the eyebrow, or the bald spots, with a brush. 

Can frequent plucking ruin eyebrows?

Sure, we all use tweezers for the perfect eyebrow sweep. Thin, strongly arched eyebrows used to be all the rage, which is why we might have overdone the plucking a bit now and then. Unfortunately, this has consequences: Plucking causes individual hairs to be pulled out along with their roots. What remains is an onion-like end, the so-called hair papilla. This needs up to six weeks to regenerate and to connect a new hair root to the natural nutrient cycle.

However, if you pluck too often, you destroy this renewal mechanism in the long term. The papilla is injured anew each time. The result is scarring and hair will eventually stop growing. An eyebrow serum can help here, but it is better not to overdo the plucking. 

Questions and answers

I used to have full eyebrows. Today, unfortunately, I don't. Is this a natural sign of age?

Unfortunately, yes. Due to ageing and the hormonal changes that accompany it, the hair structure and hair growth are affected. But an eyebrow serum can help!

Are there also home remedies for fuller eyebrows?

Vaseline! It not only keeps the eyebrows supple, but also ensures that they grow back thicker and faster. However, it can sometimes cause allergic reactions and skin irritations. In this respect, a professional eyebrow serum is recommended, as it is perfectly adapted to the needs of the area around the eyes.

What shape should the perfect eyebrows have?

This depends entirely on your individual face shape. The softer your facial features, the more angular your eyebrows should be. If you have a prominent face shape, the eyebrows should be plucked in a rounded shape, because this makes the face look softer.

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