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Ring light 2022 Test and compare!
The best ring lights

Ringlight test

Ringlight test in the salon

Ring lights have been around for quite some time. You might not believe it, but they were first used by dentists. Nowadays, these powerful tools are used both professionally and at home to take better selfies or record videos of make-up tutorials. We have this ring light test for all those who are looking for the best Ring light with a tripod. We know how big the market is, plus there are different shapes and sizes that you might not get anywhere choosing the best one. Whether you want to take a high quality video or just a better selfie, here are some of the best 5 models we've tested so far. Ring light with tripod for mobile phones, cheap as well as expensive.

Top 5 Ring Lights

1. Neewer Ring Light 18 Inch

Lighting fixture

The Neewer - Kit includes accessories such as a light stand, a white and orange filter and a smartphone holder. You can use this model both indoors and outdoors for any activity you want. It is easy to set up and features a robust design. The tripod locks into place to hold your device securely in position. Both smartphone and properly SLR cameras. You can fold it up and transport it easily. The phone holder rotates 360 degrees so you can position your phone either vertically or horizontally when shooting. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control that works flawlessly. Our iPhone X with the phone case fits great. The dimmer has low, medium and high settings with a noticeable difference. We love this ring light because it is very functional and quite easy to use.

  • Dimmable
  • Smartphone holder for most smartphones
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • incl. white and orange colour filter set

2. Wonew Ring Light

Ring light

The 10-inch WONEW ring light can be placed at different height settings. This ring light is equipped with an adjustable stand, easy to mount, so you can adjust the height not only on the desk but also on the floor according to your needs.

With equal 3 colour modes and 10 adjustable brightness your choice: you have 3 different colour options with 10 brightness levels that can be easily changed with a little control on the cable, making dimming accurate and charming. The light ring has a sensitive remote control with a range of up to 10 m and can be controlled from all mobile phones.

3. Ring light IVISII

Ring light

A stop solution for YouTubers, vloggers, photographers, influencers and videographers looking for a professional photo lighting kit and accessories as a stand ring light, circle make-up light or product photo shoot light. Use the connected AC adapter or use with standard batteries for mobility and outdoors. Full remote control of up to 5 synchronised groups.

The big Ring light 19 inch Ensures uniform light distribution without facial shadows and beautiful round glow in the eyes. The included 4 colour filters / diffusers will inspire your creativity, and the shooting ring light accessory makes using cameras and mobile phones a breeze.

Fast charging via USB powers your phone or camera, while the included Andoird / iOS remote triggers your camera with a click. You can use the Ipad ring light alone or place it in a group of other compatible devices with up to 5 groups, all with a dedicated wireless remote.

4. Vevice ring light

Ring light

Capture every precious moment, capture and enrich your life with the professional ring light for YouTubers and vloggers.

Bigger ring light, enhance your beauty - A 12.6 ring light, there is dimmable illumination without dark shadows. The facial features are enhanced under constant lighting to give a three-dimensional look. When shooting, the eyes are given a beautiful ring to make them look as beautiful as stars.

120° perfect beam angle - The 120° beam angle greatly brightens the complexion, conceals blemishes and fills the light evenly to enhance the stereoscopic effect of your face. The right angle and soft lighting make you more confident and charming.

Dual tripod, super stable and multifunctional - With the floor and table stand, you can choose different tripods depending on your needs. The height of the floor stand can be adjusted from 28.3 to 59.1, most are used for video recording and live streaming. The desk stand is suitable for make-up, photography, etc. With this ring light you have a super all-rounder.

5. ZOMEi ring light

Zomei Ring Light

The ring light from ZOMei is very compact. Adjustable brightness and colour temperature are among its strengths. This ring light is also perfect for Makup & YouTube videos as well as for: Skin care, Facebook live beauty videos, portrait photography, video chat, live streaming, product display, etc. LED lights settle evenly into the light with no dark corners, flicker, glare or dazzle, acts as both a makeup light and YouTube video shooting light. The USB power cable is easy to obtain from the charger, power bank and USB port. It is easy to carry and can be used in dresser, desk, indoor and outdoor. Compatible with most smartphones, cameras and tripods.

Ring light

Ring light test

The Great Ring Lamps Test 2022

Every professional blogger uses a ring flash to capture stunning and eye-catching videos and photos. This type of flash offers many advantages and makes every photo or video unique and flawless. We have selected the best 5 ring lights to help you become a top vlogger!

IVISII Ringlight


With four colours to choose from

IVISII is a professional manufacturer of photographic accessories that focuses on technical improvements and new technologies. Its products are among the most advanced and popular photo equipment on the market. And the IR-45 19″ ring light is one of them.

This light is quite big, bright and customisable. It offers countless configurable options that allow you to vary brightness levels, colour temperatures and more. The lamp consists of 280 LED parts and is bright enough to provide you (and probably one other person) with an even light source around your face. In addition, your photos or videos can get the mood you are looking for. It includes up to 4 colour filters to get your creative juices flowing.

In addition to the white softening filter, the set includes blue, red and green diffusion filters that allow you to achieve a total of 5 different colours. The colour temperature can be adjusted from 3000 to 5800 K, while the dimming range is 0% -100%. The high colour rendering ensures very natural light and high colour rendering.

As you can see, with this lamp you can achieve pretty much any colour and intensity you need for your photo shoots or YouTube videos. The possibilities are endless.

What is a ring light?

All professional photographers use certain lighting devices to take high-quality pictures or record great videos. And ring lights are among the most popular devices in photo studios. What is a ring light used for?

As the name suggests, it is the light in the form of a ring that provides even and radial illumination that minimises shadows, hides skin imperfections, highlights the beauty of human eyes and so on. For this reason, this photo accessory is especially suitable for portraits and close-ups. Thanks to a ring flash, you can take the best pictures ever and become a sought-after photographer! And to help you, we have selected the best ring lights so you can choose the perfect model for your needs.

Of course, it's impossible to practice the art of photography without a good camera. So be sure to read our latest reviews of the best mirrorless cameras or choose decent macro lenses for Canon.

Neewer Ring Light

The Neewer company is a trusted manufacturer that focuses on photo and video equipment. It never cuts corners and offers professional premium products all over the world at reasonable costs. So it's no wonder that the Neewer ring light is causing waves in the market.

For starters, we would like to emphasise that the product is for photographers, videographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, Blogger and simple selfie lovers alike. The people behind Neewer have listened to their customers and designed the item that truly meets every need.

The professional Neewer team has redesigned this real light based on feedback and suggestions. Now the product has two reflective silver layers around all 240 LED-PCs (outside and inside). Thanks to this improvement, the light remains bright yet soft, even when the lowest brightness is set.

The brightness, by the way, is fully adjustable - with a handy dimmer knob, you can easily adjust it from 0 - 100%. And if you need more flexibility, you can use the lamp with either white or orange colour filters. This way you can vary the colour temperature in the range from 3200 K to 5600 K. Without ultraviolet / infrared light radiation and with low heat emission.

For sure, the Neewer ring light can enhance your or your model's facial features. If you work in the beauty world, this product is a must-have for taking beautiful photos of your clients.

Why use a ring light?

Why use a ring light?

Who uses ring lights?

One of the main advantages of using a ring light is the shadowless illumination already mentioned. Although shadowless, it is not flat. The lens (or the phone or your eyes) is in the centre of the light source. This means that the light source surrounds the optical line of sight.

Thus, the light falls on the subject from every direction. When you remove the shadows, you can clearly see the details that might otherwise have been obscured.

Even in a non-photographic situation, such as applying make-up on someone, this non-directional light source is a useful tool. Position the light close to the model, look through the inner aperture and apply the make-up, knowing exactly what it really looks like. A good Ring light belongs in every photographer's household.

Most of these benefits apply to both mid-range views and close-ups. Using a ring light for a portrait or video with a head and shoulder view creates a wonderful shadow and light effect that looks like a shadow halo falling off the subject. Close-up, no shadow. Medium distance, interesting shadow.

Questions and answers

Which ring light is the best?

It all depends on the use. One of the main advantages of using a ring light is the shadowless illumination already mentioned. We have the big test and comparison.

Are ring lights also available for smartphones?

Yes! Ring lights are being used more and more in connection with smartphones these days. Find out more in our test.

Difference between a light stand and tripod?

A light stand is a stand with tripod legs at the base designed for holding lights, while a tripod is a three-legged stand with a head for holding cameras.

How long do the lamps last?

Depending on use, you should be able to spend 1,000 hours of operation with each bulb.

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